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T°Safe Logistics

Your Global Pharma Logistics Specialist for temperature-sensitive API, IMP and Sample Shipments

Join Us at the Pharma-Stammtisch/Meetup in the Höfbrauhaus Munich! Various representatives in the Pharma Industry discussing engaging topics over a casual glass of fine beer! Upcoming Meetups in 2018: 19.09 , 17.10, 20.11. Any question? Feel free to contact us! T°Safe will be holding there a presentation on the 19.09 about "Tackling the case of North East Africa : Ensuring IMP's integrity during transport to challenging destinations" .

Welcome to T°Safe

With over 15 years of expertise in the biopharmaceutical area of temperature controlled transportation, the T°Safe Group was founded in 2013 in Germany and UK. An excellent network of qualified hubs and handling partners around the globe, mainly located in the Americas, Asia, South Africa and West and Eastern Europe integrates all offered services.

In the globalized pharmaceutical world, the integrity of biological samples, API and IMPs during the transportation with special emphasis on the temperature is a key factor for the success of new drug development.

T°Safe’s global network is composed of experienced internal professionals and seasoned external partners who analyze and implement state-of-the-art logistic supply chains and clinical trial logistic solutions. In this pursuit, we aim to not only meet but exceed our clients’ logistical process challenges.

We acknowledge that your products are highly sensitive to temperature and need strictly controlled shipping solutions. High quality supply chain of API and an effective, IT-powered (iDEX) clinical trial distribution of IMP needs precise planning, a careful risk assessment and rigorous performance. This is key for a successful partnership with our customers.“

Denis Look
CEO & Managing Director, T°Safe Group