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T°Safe Logistics

Your Global Pharma Logistics Specialist for temperature-sensitive API, IMP and Sample Shipments

Join Us at the Pharma-Stammtisch/Meetup in the Höfbrauhaus Munich! Various representatives in the Pharma Industry discussing engaging topics over a casual glass of fine beer! Upcoming Meetups in 2018: 19.09 , 17.10, 20.11. Any question? Feel free to contact us! T°Safe will be holding there a presentation on the 19.09 about "Tackling the case of North East Africa : Ensuring IMP's integrity during transport to challenging destinations" .

T°Guard Shipping Systems

The requirements for thermal packaging result in individual design and functionality: With the innovative transport system T°Guard, T°Safe presents a sustainable packaging concept based on passive temperature control from world leading suppliers. A full range of validated, high performance thermal packaging systems, based on the latest vacuum insulation and PCM technology are available.

Furthermore, top market products of active airfreight containers from Envirotainer, Lufthansa (Unicooler/Opticooler), CSafe, as well as innovative passiv airfreight containers from va-Q-tec and SkyCell are an important part of T°Safe’s program.

Dangerous or hazardous goods have specific transportation requirements. Biological hazardous goods require special packaging solutions and are subject to strict conditions during shipment.

T°Safe offers expertise and the adequate packaging solution of category A, category B and virtually all classes of dangerous goods. These inner packaging solutions comply with IATA, ADR and CRF regulations.

Please get in contact for more detailed information about inner and outer dimensions.
Or, even better, provide us with the dimensions of your materials. We will do a precise computer assisted calculation with diagram showing the arrangement of your goods in our various thermal boxes.

T°Safe Shipping Systems