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T°Safe Logistics

Your Global Pharma Logistics Specialist for temperature-sensitive API, IMP and Sample Shipments

Join Us at the Pharma-Stammtisch/Meetup in the Höfbrauhaus Munich! Various representatives in the Pharma Industry discussing engaging topics over a casual glass of fine beer! Upcoming Meetups in 2018: 19.09 , 17.10, 20.11. Any question? Feel free to contact us! T°Safe will be holding there a presentation on the 19.09 about "Tackling the case of North East Africa : Ensuring IMP's integrity during transport to challenging destinations" .

Data Logging

In transit or storage, T°Safe temperature-monitoring services provides data about the current temperature of your consignement. From time of pick-up to delivery the temperature is constantly recorded.

T°Safe’s data logging department collects all data worldwide, processes, stores and sends them with 21 CFR part 11 compliant iDEX software tool.

The serial numbers and calibration certificates are assigned on a one-to-one basis to packaging items, assuring saftey and data availability.

All temperature reports are send out via automated eReports (iDEX Status Update) to all assigned persons and available at all times via iDEX Customer LOGIN.