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T°Safe Logistics

Your Global Pharma Logistics Specialist for temperature-sensitive API, IMP and Sample Shipments

It's T°Safe's pleasure to meet you at the upcoming Pharma Conferences! We will be participating at Temperature Controlled Logistics in Biopharmaceuticals & Clinical Trial Supply Europe (15th-16th March, 2023) in Milano. Drop us a call or an email, and allow us to introduce our beneficial cost saving solutions!

IMP Distribution

Planning/Set-up of IMP Distribution in Clinical Trials

enhanced by iDEX

T°Safe assists in designing and optimizing all transportation topics (thermal packaging, data logger, investigator training etc.) within a clinical trial. A service in both directions: IMP from the CTS provider to investigator sites and retrieval of (frozen) blood samples to central labs/speciality labs.

Dedicated project managers as single point of contact are supporting with all issues during the project. The project management of the sponsor (big pharma, biotechs), CTS providers, CROs and central labs are built into the project set up of iDEX. T°Safe’s state-of-the-art login-based transportation management system helps all participants with an intuitive web interface for tracking, booking and monitoring. However, T°Safe is prepared to give a short half hour training during an investigator/study nurse meeting.

T°Safe’s iDEX team establishes the project network via LOGINS and/or individual email reporting to all involved persons (sponsor, CRO, lab, CTS etc.) for a reliable and automatic distribution of all relevant shipping information. All sites, addresses, contacts, type of packaging, datalogging service are implemented upfront in iDEX.

Considerable cost and time savings with iDEX: Full automization of booking can be performed with iDEX interfaces to all leading IVRS systems (or other databases) realised via secured web server technology: allows automatic booking and the exchange of information in both directions.